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As a SOLAS mandated technology your Vessel Data Recorders’ (VDR) dependability is integral to the effective management of your fleet. Reliability, usability and minimized downtime are the foundation blocks for a trouble free VDR. By upgrading your aging system to a Netwave NW6000 you can ensure ease of installation with minimal downtime, while providing crew friendly features and access to a global service network.

Orolia Maritime’s range of Netwave Upgrade Kits accelerate the upgrade of a wide range of VDR models. By simplifying installation times and upgrading to a Netwave VDR, vessel owners reduce the immediate installation cost and vessel downtime, diminish the risk of supporting aging hardware obsolescence and enhance both the future reliability and capabilities of their VDR solution.

  • Upgrade to Save Time and Money

    • Upgrade specialists help reduce VDR upgrade costs with pre-installation survey forms to avoid unplanned disruption, while advanced upgrade kits reduce installation time by an average of one day. There is also the option to re-utilize existing sensor modules and cabling (where feasible) to further accelerate installation.
    • Improve your VDR reliability and reduce servicing downtime by removing dated equipment reliant on sometimes scarce components, which could extend service times and hold ships at port.
    • Gain access to one of the largest global service networks, with over 1300 certified engineers.
    • By upgrading older VDRs near their end service, vessels can reduce the lifetime cost of ownership by lowering maintenance and annual APT costs and gain the peace of mind of ten-year service guarantee and seven years parts support after final manufacture date*.
    • Fully compliant with July 2014 IMO installation standard MSC 333.(90), Netwave NW6000 VDRs offer technological confidence in a solution which has a global install base of more than 6,000 vessels.

    *10/7 warrenty applies to new components only

    Benefits of Netwave NW6000 VDR Upgrade Kits

    As the natural upgrade route, the Netwave NW6000 Upgrade Kits provide economic and functional benefits for the conversion of existing G1 19” rack and the G2 & G3 series VDRs.

    Ease of replacing the Fixed Capsule: NW6000 VDR standard components includes a welding plate with pre-molded holes to replace any capsule (L3; Fixed Capsule) installed on the G1/G2/G3 to reduce installation time and avoid welding on board.
    Using existing wiring infrastructure: Reduce engineering time and vessel disruption, such as ceiling access; by using existing VDR cabling with new retrofit components.
    Utilize existing core module rack space and fixing: The Upgrade Kit helps avoid the need to re-allocate additional space, by incorporating the NW6000’s new components into the existing VDR rack space. Attachments can be fixed to existing bolt holes using our range of retrofit plates, removing the time and hazard implications of
    drilling or welding new fittings. This is particularly relevant for vessels with flammable cargo, such as LPG carriers.


    Functional benefits:

    The Netwave NW6000 Upgrade Kit removes and upgrades out dated components including the core module, capsule and bridge control units. The new VDR reuses the existing interface boxes to further reduce installation cost and deploys a range of upgrade plates to ensure the new system can be installed in the same spaces.

    The NW6000 VDR offers additional user-friendly benefits, including new playback features on the touch screen BCU and the use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) to power components. This both reduces cabling requirements and allows easier future expansion of the VDR system.

    Bridge Control unit (BCU) Touch Screen
    Core module inside 19” rack New VDR is installed in the existing space
    Digital Acquisition Gateway between the Core Module and a wide range of interconnecting sensors
    VHF Interface Dual function VHF interface and microphone power source
    Mics Plug and play replacement option utilizing existing cabling
    Screen Frame Grabber Increased number of channels including connecting VGA and PoE
    Player V2 Easy install allows both playback and offers touch screen interface for ease of use

    By using Orolia Maritime’s highly skilled service network and deploying vessel specific survey reports prior to the Netwave NW6000 VDR Upgrade Kit being deployed, Netwave VDRs reduce vessel disruption and installation costs. The NW6000 series upgrade improves VDR reliability, reduces maintenance and where viable utilizes existing sensor modules and cabling to further reduce installation time and overall project cost.

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