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6 Watt VHF with Float’n Flash and 12 Hours of Operation


6 Watt RF Output Power
700mW Audio Output
More than 12 Hours of Long-Lasting Operating Time
Float’n Flash Function

Technicial Specifications


Automatic volume adjustment

Voice Loud and Mute function enables to temporary maximize/mute the volume

And yes, it floats too!

Continuing the legacy from the IC-M33 and IC-M35, the IC-M37 floats for you to be able to retrieve it if you should ever lose it overboard.

Large buttons and slim dimensions

Thanks to the large, easy-to-operate buttons, the IC-M37E provides intuitive operation. A pinched-waist slender body makes it easy to hold and carry the radio, and is surprisingly compact for a floating radio.

Low power consumption

Although the IC-M37E delivers a high 6 Watts RF output and 700mW audio output, its current saving circuit offers a practical 12 hours of operating time with the supplied 2.350mAh Lithium-Ion battery pack.

Other features

• Waterproof construction equivalent to IP57 (1m depth for 30 minutes)
• Dual/Tri-watch functions
• 4-step battery life indicator
• Auto scan function
• Instant access to Ch 16 or programmable call channel

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