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Our Audible Alert to Rescue

Ocean Signal / AIS ALARM BOX

The AIS alarm box is designed to ensure that the moment any AIS MOB or AIS SART signal is received an 87dB audible alarm is sounded ensuring everyone on the vessel is alerted to a possible MOB or a crew in need of rescue. Its simple design, compact nature and use of NMEA 0183 means that integrating the AIS Alarm Box into your AIS receiver and existing network is straight forward.

The Ocean Signal AIS Alarm has the ability to be programmed by the user with up to 30 individual MMSI numbers, multiple tones to identify the source of the AIS signal (MOB or SART) as well as being waterproof to allow for external mounting.

The AIS Alarm Box  may be configured by the user to enter the up to 30 MMSI numbers to provide visual and audible alarms by downloading the software at the link below. An integrated relay option allows for connection to an external alarm or the vessel’s engine kill switch. The relay can be programmed to activate if required.

The Ocean Signal AIS Alarm has a rugged, waterproof exterior allowing for external
mounting, ensuring installation in any desired location for optimum impact.

Technicial Specifications

  • Panel or bracket mount

  • Waterproof (for external mounting)

  • Programmable with up to 30 individual device MMSI numbers

  • NMEA0183-HS (38400baud) input

  • Supplied with power and USB cables

  • Detects AIS MOB and AIS SART devices

  • Multiple tones to identify source

  • Alarms on all received or specific targets

  • NMEA through-port for easy integration


Power Supply: 10.8 – 15.6 Volts DC

Audible Alarm: 87dB at 1m

Temperature Range (Operational): -15°C – +55°C

Waterproof: I metre depth

Dimensions: 90mm x 72mm x 72mm

NMEA-HS Input: 38400Baud, !VDM

NMEA-HA Output: 38400Baud, !VDM

Alarm Contacts: 2 x 8Amps, 250V AC

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