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ICOM/IC-F5400D VHF Digital Radio

Introducing ICOM’s new generation of IDAS digital business radios. This smart new series incorporates cutting edge design, superb performance and a comprehensive range of sophisticated features all on a flexible, upgradable multi-protocol platform. Icom manufacturing refinements and enhancements have not only reduced the size of the radios but have provided new functions and enhanced performance. The electrical and industrial hardware improvements provide an adaptable radio solution for your organisation that is easy to use whatever the working environ- ment you may be operating in. Icom’s product quality is legendary. Look smart and work smart with the new IDAS series.

Technicial Specifications


Small, Slim and Smart

New engineering techniques including the use of a custom SoC (System-on-a-Chip) and flat sheet keypad have made ra- dios body as compact as possible. The slim dimensions are also supplemented with reduced power consumption, allowing for a thinner battery pack.

DES/AES Encryption with OTAR

For digital communication security, the radios provide basic 4-key DES encryption as standard. When used with the op- tional UT-134 encryption unit, 256-bit AES encryption and the OTAR function are available. The OTAR function allows updat- ing of encryption keys over the radio channel.

High-Resolution Color LCD

The high-resolution transreflective colour LCD provides great visi- bility in both natural and indoor lighting. Functions and menu items are clearly labelled with easy to read. A night mode LCD setting is an available for use at night or in low lighting conditions.


For efficiency in radio programming, the OTAP (Over-the-Air-Program- ming) function allows remote change of programming data (for ex- ample adding a new repeater) over the radio channel. The OAA (Over- the-Air-Alias) function sends user name over the radio channel and eliminates needs to program the alias table. Successfully manage your fleet with ease.

Multiple Languages

Functions and menu items can be shown in local languages in- cluding English, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Sim- plified Chinese fonts. In addition, voice announcements can be recorded and changed for output in these languages.

Built-in Bluetooth®

The built-in Bluetooth module provides remote operation and hands-free communication paired with a third-party Bluetooth headset*. When connected with Bluetooth telemetric devices or PC terminals, data or files can be wirelessly transferred. * Available functions depend on paired Bluetooth devices.

License Key Upgrade

The radios functions and protocols can be upgraded and custom- ized to meet your specific needs with various license key options.

Waterproof and Dustight with AquaQuakeTM Function

The handheld radios in this range are IP68 waterproof and dust- tight protection (1m depth for 1 hour). They also incorporate an AquaQuake draining function by emitting a vibrating buzz sound.

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