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1500mW Speaker, Compact Boy, Waterproof Professional Digital Handheld Radio

ICOM/IC-F2100D UHF Digital Handheld Radio

– Icom’s custom high power handling capacity speaker for 1500 mW of powerful audio
– Compact, waterproof durable design (IP67/55/54 and MIL-STD-810-G)
– Multiple operating modes (Available protocol differs depending on version)
– Motion/Stationary detection, Man Down and Lone Worker functions
– Operating time of up to 18 hours with the supplied battery (BP-280)
– IDAS™ conventional and Type-D single-site trunking

Technicial Specifications


Easy audibility in noisy environments

The powerful loudspeaker developed by ICOM for a high sound output of 1500 mW and the chassis design that enhances the acoustic sound clarity, provide clear communication even in noise environments.
Compact, waterproof durable design (IP67/55/54 and MIL-STD-810-G)
The IC-F2100D series radios have a waterproof and sturdy housing in IP67 and MIL-STD-810G standards to provide long lasting use in harsh environment.

18 Hours Operating Time with Waterproof Battery

The BP-280 (7.2V DC, 2400mAh) waterproof Li-Ion battery provides 18 hours * operating time.* Tx:Rx: Standby = 5: 5: 90 When power saving is on

Motion/Stationary detection, Man Down and Lone Worker functions

IC-F2100D series radios are equipped with advanced motion sensors. The radio sends an emergency call by detecting the user position. Lone worker and Man Down functions can also be programmed.

Group and Secure Call

IC-F2100D series radios has feature of 2 and 5 tons, CTCSS ve DTCS for group call.
The radios has also digital voice scrambler for secure communication.

Multiple operating modes

Flexible operation thanks to different operating options.

  • Analog FM
  • NXDN ™ / dPMR ™ conventional
  • NXDN ™ D Type single site trunk


Channel Announcement

When you turn the channel button, the radio will announce the channel number. This allows adjustment without needing to look at the radio.Other Features• Voting Scan • GPS position capabilities (requires HM-171GPW) • Programmable keys – Increase the number of programmable key assignments by using the “Shift key” • Surveillance function temporarily turns OFF the beep and LED indicator • Siren sound for security alarm • Optional HM-1668LWP GPS speaker microphone with a waterproof connector. IP67 protection.

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