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MRA60 is the highest-gain antenna provides uninterrupted reception of satellite TV signals even in weaker signal levels and under poor weather conditions.

The antenna is suitable for boats and vessels above 30 feet in length. The cassegrain antenna receives signals from the most of the satellites inside coverage area. With the integrated GPS, the antenna can adjust its LNB skew angle automatically. Optionally multiple-output feature enables connecting to an unlimited number of TVs. The antenna can receive upto 16 different satellites.

Dynamic Skew option is a feature controlling skew angle dynamically with the help of a third gyroscope so that it performs as third axis control. It provides stabilised skew angle so that the antenna can work in wavy sea conditions as well.

SIS is Satellite Identification System, it comes as a standard feature to identify the satellite with “Digital Satellite Signal Processor” by analyzing the satellite data.

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